Momma Doris and her 777 children













Anna Portnoy

AnnaAnna grew up in Portland, Oregon keeping to her heritage by playing soccer throughout college. Anna went on to obtain two bachelors degrees from the University of Oregon, one in Art and one in Psychology. She then pursued a masters and Oregon license in professional clinical counseling. She spent 3 years as a Child & Family Therapist. She now works for Benton County Mental Health Crisis Team working with all ages. She still plays soccer and enjoys music and outdoor activities.










Leah Nagel

LeahI was adopted at 6 months old in 1985. Today I still live in my home town of Bend Oregon. I have two boys Kai age 11 and Kian (kee-in) age 5. Who are very active in Competition Hip Hop Dance and Soccer. I work for an amazing jewelry company called James Michelle Jewelry. Along with doing a lot of acting and modeling on the side for the past 6 years. All in all my life today is pretty great.






Vincent Miller