Friends and Family,

This will be the last post before our arrival in Brasil. We look forward to the photos, videos, and messages from the children that we will be showing you. Please stayed tuned and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and our webpage!

We have a couple of questions for you…
What do you look forward to seeing or getting to know about the daycare?
Would you prefer a paper or online version with a Monthly report?
How can we pray for you?
Anything you have questions about?

The children Thank You!

Pray for us daily!

Thank you-Obrigada!


Taking another step

We have accomplished a lot to get ready for this upcoming trip. Numerous donations are rolling in and we can’t thank everyone enough! It’s such a blessing to know how much we are supported and to team up with people to support this vision that God has.

We finished printing some sample shirts and even made a big banner to help with raising funds.

In addition to all of this, we have a mother of two of the children who got adopted from the orphanage make a quilt so we can auction off and use funds to support the mission. What a huge blessing! We are truly blessed!

The tickets have been purchased and we are rounding up goodie bags for the kiddos. After that, the last step would be to get on the plane and get ready for the ride of our lives! We are going to change lives! What a big, humbling, and honoring task!

Please continue to pray for us daily, as that is the biggest thing we need. If you would like to financially support this mission, we are looking for continued support so we can sustain personale in Brasil. We can’t thank you enough!

Our pray need, in regards to finances right now, is to be able to purchase a used vehicle so we can use for transportation.

From here on out we are on track to leave on Sept 12th and arrive the next day. It’s quite the trip, but something to look forward to. Videos and pictures will be coming and we look forward to keeping you updated with monthly newsletters/blogs.

Thank you!- Obrigada

We love you! xoxo Many blessings!

Mission Support Letter

Attached is the link to our support letter. We appreciate the prayers for this as people read it and are moved to help and join us with this mission. Please share!

We are excited for this upcoming year to see what God will do.

The children Thank You! Obrigada!

Many blessings! Pray for us daily! xoxo

Mission Brasil Letter

Posters and Business cards

Our posters and business cards have been completed, in addition to our address labels. We are currently working on shirts and a banner. It’s amazing to see pieces coming together. We are still in need of sponsors for some of the kiddos, looking for general toy donations, and fundraising to support staff in while in Brasil. If you feel led to give, please do so. We appreciate all the prayer we can get.

The children are doing well and in routine of learning for the school year. We post updated pictures as they come on our facebook and instagram pages. Please check those out and follow 🙂

Many blessings!

Obrigada- Thank you!


MissionBrasil Shoebox sponsorship. The children Thank You! Please join us 🙂 xoxo

Operation Christmas Child is a shoebox movement that is developed and operated by Samaritans Purse. This movement is based out of a non profit organization that provides needy children with Christmas gifts and the message of Christ. Millions of donations on a yearly basis reach all over the world. MissionBrasil is taking this idea to reach the kiddos of the daycare in Brasil.

Getting Closer

We are getting closer and closer to Aug which is our month of visit to Brasil to see the precious faces! So thrilled that the days can’t go by fast enough!

We are so close to finishing up some business cards, banner, posters, address labels, and shirts. We have worked hard with a local high school and their graphics department and are on the final design touches.  We can’t wait to show these and pass them out.

More new faces are being added to the website of either kiddos who have returned or are new to the daycare. Please pray for them daily.

We are still seeking a one time sponsorship for the kiddos of clothes, toys, and whatever you want to bless they kiddo with. Please spread the word.

We still have the focus on raising funds to support staff members to teach English down in Brasil for a year. If you have any scholarship, grant, or fundraising ideas, please get a hold of us. We would love to work with you.

We will keep you updated as we gain new information from the daycare, but all is looking well, kids are enjoying being back, and we are please that they are safe and in good hands with the opportunity to a free education and anything we can offer.

The children Thank You!

Many blessings! Pray for us daily!

Obrigada! xoxo

Welcome 2017!

We welcome 2017 and are believing for a faith and prosperous year full of many blessings!

We ask you to join us in prayer for all the amazing testimonies and stories that will arise in this new year. We are going to narrow in on our 3 main goals until we travel to Brasil in Aug.

  • Sponsoring children with gift bags
  • Raising funds to teach English and the gospel for a years worth of time
  • Gathering more sponsorship and applying for grants

We had hoped that our logo would be on shirts, hats, etc, by now, but because of weather, we are still waiting for the finishing touches. Stay tuned for that!

We can’t thank you enough for an amazing 2016 which was full of blessing! We would like to give a HUGE Thank You for all the support that every single soul has given to this mission! All the donations, time, support, prayers, and love that has been poured into seeing this through and starting it up. Here is to 2017! A year full of blessings, testimonies, and life changing times! AMEN!

Don’t forget that we have different social media that we are on and you can follow us, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and of course, our website. Please help us get the word out!

We would also like to announce our partnership that we have gained support thru.

-Thank you to Covenant Hood River Church for your continued prayer and support.

-Thank you to Norman A. and Helen V. Stoll Fund II of The Oregon Community Foundation for your support.

God has a lot more in store! Hold on tight! It’s going to be a great ride with tons of faith and God leading the way!!!

We will be holding more raffles and fundraisers, so stay tuned for that!

Thank you so much! Many blessings
The children Thank you!

Santa Claus is comin to Brasil….

We are excited as the children are getting ready for their yearly Christmas performance. They are rehearsing on a daily basis a play and song that they do. The children will be blessed with Christmas presents that are donated from a local church in Brasil. This is such a huge blessing to the kiddos who could possibly receive nothing otherwise. Pretty soon the children will be on break for the end of Dec and the month of January. This period of time is considered vacation in Brasil. They will restart in Feb. Please pray for them daily and especially during this time away from the care, meals, and security the daycare provides.

On our end here in the states we are finishing up the year strong will our final fundraiser that includes selling tamales and raffle tickets. We have been extremely blessed with some coworkers coming together in support of this cause. We have a family making all the tamales, this takes a ton of hard work and time. In addition, they are donating a basket for us to raffle at a local bazaar. Another co worker is donating a basket as well for the bazaar. It’s just amazing how God uses different people to come together and do his will.  He knows so much more than we can fathom. This is going to make for an amazing testimony!

Another great piece is that think of all the successful stories that will come out of giving and helping others, so that one day they can do the same.

We have finalized our logo and are currently in the process of making T-Shirts, business cards, stickers, and more! Hopefully we can put these out before the year ends!


If any of you know any businesses, family members, or friends that would like to donated to this cause before the year ends, they can receive a tax relief as we are a non-profit organization. Please help us spread the word! As the new year starts we will focus on gathering sponsorship for a shoebox type campaign for the children and developing monthly sponsorship to support our mission. Stay tuned for details!

#MissionBrasil Thanks you!

The children Thank You! Pray for us daily!

Obrigada and many blessings!

Baby Steps

#MissionBrasil is making so much progress, even if it may look like baby steps. Having establish our own non-profit organization and now trying to pave the way for continued work in Brasil will soon become a reality.

We would like to take this time to announce our board members:

President: Eliane Agra

Vice-President: Deloys Agra

Treasurer/ Secretary: Ryan Jenson

In addition to this, we have some amazing volunteers and supporters! We could not do it without you!

We are only a few weeks, if not less, from displaying our logo! From here we will be able to create T-Shirts and business cards to share. We are still in need of daily prayer for the children and finances. We have created a video and posted it on our homepage. Please share with everyone you know so we can get the word out! We are pushing hard to expand our network and appreciate your help with this.

We will be having one last fundraiser for this year on Dec 10th where we will be raffling off gift baskets and selling tamales. Please join us if you can. It will be held at Wahtonka Community School in The Dalles, OR from 10-3:30. It’s a holiday bazaar and #MissionBrasil will have a table.

Thank you so much for your support and prayer! The children thank you! Obrigada!

Pray for us daily!

Checkin’ in

#missionbrasil is working on the following areas…

  • raising money to help build a ramp at the daycare for handicap children
  • creating a logo
  • designing T-Shirts
  • creating business/mission cards
  • in search of used iPads to take to Brasil
  • having volunteers sponsor children for a one time donation of gifts
  • completing the process for our own non-profit thread
  • updating website
  • spreading the word and asking for daily prayer

If you think you can be a part of any of those current needs or know someone, please have them contact #missionbrasil. Also please help us spread the word about this mission. Have family and friends like and share our Facebook, YouTube, and website page. Also they can sign up to receive the latest blog postings!

Recently we had a super generous soul donate an ipad for the kiddos in Brasil and another amazing person who is donating their tablet. This will make such a huge difference in the children’s abilities to learn. They are beyond thrilled and can’t Thank You enough!

An update on the children is that they are all doing well. We have added some new kiddos to our daycare and are continuing to meet the needs. There is a prayer request for the children and their home life. A handful of them have picked up some sort of illness ranging from chicken pox and other issues that cause joint pain. With the lack of resources that the parents have, the children aren’t properly treated. Please pray for the children’s health and safety. We are doing our best to help them when they are at the daycare.

On a positive note, children are enjoying the new tv and dvd player by getting to participate in some “brain break” time which allows the students to get their wiggles out thru dancing and movement. They are beyond blessed by this and thank you!

Please pray for us daily!

The children THANK YOU!!!

Many blessings!