Mama Doris

With great sadness and tons of tears in our eyes we are here to announce the passing of Mama Doris-Doris Gene Stewart. She left to heaven the morning of Friday December 29th. A week previously she suffered a massive stroke that caused her some complications where she wasn’t eating or drinking for days. The comforting part is that we know she is in heaven celebrating and her legacy continues to live thru her family, the 777 children that were adopted under her supervision, and her friends. A prophecy was given that her name would be written in gold in heaven and walls would be covered with pictures and names of the kiddos lives she touched and helped.

The Stewart-Agra family appreciates and thanks you for all the prayers through this hard time! Many blessings! We love you all!!!


December News

MissionBrasil December Newsletter

The final MissionBrasil newsletter for the year is complete! Please read and share with others! The mothers, children, and MissionBrasil Thank You!- Obrigada and a million blessings back to you!!

Dear Family and Friends,

We would like to start off this months letter with such gratitude for all the prayer and support that made the last three months possible. Throughout the whole process we were able to to bless the kiddos with toys, provide a months worth of food for the families, buy a brand new freezer for the daycare, buy enough meat for the rest of the year, provide English classes for the kiddos and mothers, and show God’s love to each and everyone of them.

The last day with the kiddos and mothers left us speechless. The day started off as scheduled, which was teaching the mothers English for an hour. However, instead of spending the full hour on this, the mothers threw a surprise party and provided all the decorations, food, and presents for Eliane. It was such a blessing and an overwhelming day that tons of tears of gratitude were shared by all. When God moves, surely he’s unstoppable. To know that he equipped MissionBrasil for a time like this is such an amazing thought. Every step was well thought-out and planned according to his will. We are forever grateful.

The last day for the year 2017 for the kiddos at the daycare is December 21st and after that the kiddos will be on a months break until they return at the beginning of February. In addition the kiddos who are 5 years old are going to start Kinder so they will no longer be at the daycare. Please pray for them, their new journey, safety, and Gods hand to move in their lives. With some kiddos leaving, some will be joining us and enrolling as of December 20th. New pictures and names will be posted as soon as they are sent to us.

Moving forward we are looking to go back to Brasil and continue the work that we started with continued English classes for the kiddos and mothers, food support for the families, and taking whatever toys and clothes we can get donated. Additionally we want to send Eliane to take bible classes in Portuguese to help with her translating of the languages and preaching the gospel to the kiddos.

In order to do all this we need monthly prayer, financial support, and donations. Also we are in need of financial support for living expenses from Feb-June, in order to send someone to do this. Please consider partnering with us. We Thank You!

The children, mothers, and MissionBrasil Thank You!- Obrigada! Please continue to pray for us! We are praying for double the blessing back to you!

Many blessings,



October Newsletter

Here is our October Newsletter. None of this would be possible without the constant prayer and monthly support given. We can’t Thank You enough! Thank you, Thank you! Obrigada! The children Thank You!!!

Please help us continue to spread the word so we can get more people on our social media sites and raise more support for these precious souls!

Please don’t forget to sign up for monthly newsletter reminders on our website homepage at the bottom.

MissionBrasil Oct Newsletter



Friends and Family,

This will be the last post before our arrival in Brasil. We look forward to the photos, videos, and messages from the children that we will be showing you. Please stayed tuned and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and our webpage!

We have a couple of questions for you…
What do you look forward to seeing or getting to know about the daycare?
Would you prefer a paper or online version with a Monthly report?
How can we pray for you?
Anything you have questions about?

The children Thank You!

Pray for us daily!

Thank you-Obrigada!


Taking another step

We have accomplished a lot to get ready for this upcoming trip. Numerous donations are rolling in and we can’t thank everyone enough! It’s such a blessing to know how much we are supported and to team up with people to support this vision that God has.

We finished printing some sample shirts and even made a big banner to help with raising funds.

In addition to all of this, we have a mother of two of the children who got adopted from the orphanage make a quilt so we can auction off and use funds to support the mission. What a huge blessing! We are truly blessed!

The tickets have been purchased and we are rounding up goodie bags for the kiddos. After that, the last step would be to get on the plane and get ready for the ride of our lives! We are going to change lives! What a big, humbling, and honoring task!

Please continue to pray for us daily, as that is the biggest thing we need. If you would like to financially support this mission, we are looking for continued support so we can sustain personale in Brasil. We can’t thank you enough!

Our pray need, in regards to finances right now, is to be able to purchase a used vehicle so we can use for transportation.

From here on out we are on track to leave on Sept 12th and arrive the next day. It’s quite the trip, but something to look forward to. Videos and pictures will be coming and we look forward to keeping you updated with monthly newsletters/blogs.

Thank you!- Obrigada

We love you! xoxo Many blessings!

Mission Support Letter

Attached is the link to our support letter. We appreciate the prayers for this as people read it and are moved to help and join us with this mission. Please share!

We are excited for this upcoming year to see what God will do.

The children Thank You! Obrigada!

Many blessings! Pray for us daily! xoxo

Mission Brasil Letter

Posters and Business cards

Our posters and business cards have been completed, in addition to our address labels. We are currently working on shirts and a banner. It’s amazing to see pieces coming together. We are still in need of sponsors for some of the kiddos, looking for general toy donations, and fundraising to support staff in while in Brasil. If you feel led to give, please do so. We appreciate all the prayer we can get.

The children are doing well and in routine of learning for the school year. We post updated pictures as they come on our facebook and instagram pages. Please check those out and follow 🙂

Many blessings!

Obrigada- Thank you!