Founder: Doris Stewart

Momma Doris c
Momma Doris started this mission as an orphanage and helped 777 children find homes all around the world. She is now a retired missionary living in Oregon, USA.







President: Eliane Agra


Doris Stewarts grand-daughter, working to gather funds to help provide for new projects and support the daycare in Recife, Brasil.


phone: 541-340-0047






Vice President: Deloys Agra

390353_2750598929929_946472389_nDaughter of Doris Stewart who has a growing passion to help the needy.


phone: 541-340-0349





Treasurer/Secretary: Ryan Jenson

971426_10152029442117342_248992351_nA hard working business man with an eye for detail, Ryan will oversee all expenses and legal paper work.