I’ve always had a heart for Brasil. I was born there and my whole family was there. I remember at the age of six fighting with my grandma (on my dad’s side) to not get me ready to get on the plane to leave. That moment felt like my heart was being ripped out and I was detaching myself from my family and my home.

God’s plan is bigger. Little did I know I would come eventually to full circle and be traveling back to Brasil to help the needy children. Not for my own desires, but for God and his purpose. My heart has always been there and wanting to live there, but now with a purpose. If you really understood Brasil, it’s not what you see on magazine covers and commercials. It is a third world country with a high poverty and crime rate. People must have to have a purpose to want to go/live there.

Brasil isn’t the same for me now that my grandparents on my dads side have passed away and the cousins are getting older and married with everyone going their separate ways, however I still have a pull to be there..

Like mentioned before, I’ve always had a longing to go back, to fill the missing pieces. Then on Aug 2015 I had the opportunity to visit once again.

I remember vividly 1-2 months before I was headed to Brasil last year how the Holy Spirit planted a seed in me. I was on projection duty, that is where I display the songs during worship time and sermon when the pastor is preaching. The beginning of church services always starts with worship and I engage myself when I can and feel comfortable with the songs in order to do so. I need to make sure I can navigate through. I felt then like there was something happening, but I couldn’t explain it. Regardless, I went on my way clicking different slides through worship and the sermon. At times, we end the service with a couple more worship songs. While this was happening, Pastor Wendi had felt the Holy Spirit tell her there was a message for me. I was then called down to the front of the church to be prayed for.

When I got down to the front one of the elder couples had gathered together to pray for me. I have crystal clear memory of the phrase being stated that I was being passed on grandmas mantle. (This is all being told to me a month or two before I leave for Brasil.) I began to weep uncontrollably, not knowing the exact meaning, but knew it was a calling. I questioned in my mind what it meant…grandma is an amazing woman and known for many attributes. Was it to love people unconditionally? Something to do with children? What? I wanted more pieces to the puzzle and answers. Various times I asked God to tell me more. What was it that he really meant and wanted?

Time went by and before you know it, it was time to go off to Brasil and visit family. This was already going to be a different trip for me because since grandma and grandpa had passed away and the aunts, uncles, and cousins all lived in different places, we were going to stay at the orphanage property. This trip down  my mom, dad,  grandma (Momma Doris), and I went. On the property is grandmas house, three different mini apartments that were used to house needy mothers, and the orphanage (which is now a daycare).

A couple of days after we arrived in Brasil I wanted to see the kiddos at the daycare. I love kids and always enjoy being around them. Also as many times as I have visited Brasil, I had never visited the actual daycare because I would always stay with my other grandma. This trip we ended up bringing a tiny suitcase of toys and clothes that people donated because we knew we were going to be there.

On the way down to see the kiddos, mom, grandma, and the pastors that are currently overseeing the mission, took the car down the hill to make it easier because grandma had a hard time walking. I took the tiny suitcase and walked down the hill.

I walked in, but then stepped out and waited because I wasn’t sure where I was going and I was beginning to develop an overwhelming feeling. Finally we all went in and waited in the main eating area where we entered. I began to become curious and asked if I could wander around. At the time we arrived the children were in their classrooms and gathering together to come see us. As I walked through the daycare center I felt more and more overwhelmed with emotions. Knowing this was a place that grandma dreampt about, a vision God put inside of her, that she started to help the children in Brasil and my first time experiencing it. The excitement was also increasing to be able to see the kiddos. There is a small stairway down from the classrooms to the main room. After poking around super quick I made my way back and waited to see the kiddos because while in the different rooms I only got a quick glance.

There we were waiting for the kiddos as I stood on the far wall waiting to take pictures as they came down while my mom did the same and grandma was sitting in a chair. As they started to come down I had to put my phone down as I started to weep uncontrollably and not knowing why. Grandma began to clap as she saw them, mom was smiling away, and I couldn’t control myself. That was then when it hit me like a semi truck, this is exactly what was told to me 1-2 months before I arrived to Brasil. This was grandmas mantle that was being passed down. It was my turn to be called to help the poor children in Recife, Brasil.

And so it began….I am a very determined person and when I have a goal in front of me I like to go full force and give it my all. One of the first things I did when I arrived back to the states is to start spreading the word of the high need in Brasil. These children come from mud house, community buildings, little resources, and lack of funds and food. It takes first hand experiences to truly grasp this.

The first thing I wanted to do was to gather money so I started the first fundraiser of selling dish towels I bought in Brasil and chocolates. From then on we had a pasole fundraiser, desserts, participated in selling items at a bazaar, and shoe box campaign. We also just had people donate money and supplies because they knew the need was high. This is just the beginning to a full circle. God has so much in store and planned that is not fathomable. Stay tuned to find out more.

Please continue to pray for this mission daily. I promise it is the best thing anyone can do and the highest need aside from sharing the vision, love, and finances.
The children and I can’t Thank you enough!!
Many blessings!